Ferlin Diaper Bag

I LOVE THIS BAG. I'll give you five reasons, to keep it brief.

  1. BACKPACK. One strapped diaper bags have a way of swinging off my shoulder at precarious times, nearly hitting my children whom I am bending over to pick up. It also is much more comfortable to wear and lug around. 
  2. POCKETS. I love well designed products that think of their users and their needs. 
    • There are insulated pockets to keep bottles warm
    • Microfiber lined sunglasses pocket
    • Wallet pocket
    • Phone Pocket
    • Water bottle pockets on the exterior sides
    • Laptop sleeve (I use it for a changing pad)
    • Pockets lining most of the interior, great for separating all the small stuff
  3. ZIPPERS. This bag was made with great zippers. They are high quality, smooth, strong, and run deep on the sides of the bag, letting you open it as much or little as necessary. 
  4. NEUTRAL. The coloring is perfect for any outfit, whether I'm wearing it or my husband. 
  5. SIZE. When I needed to upgrade my diaper bag with the birth of my second, I knew I needed something with more space, while not compromising on organization. This bag is never feels overstuffed and I always have room for everything I might need. 


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