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Nothing like this...

As a little girl you imagine your future with Prince Charming but can’t grasp the specifics of when, where, and how. Well this is the when, where, and how my happily ever after begins:

I was walking on the backstreets of Beijing with my little sister Annie, our friend Christian Richter, and our personal tour guide Shannon. We had just gotten done riding tandem bikes through the Hutong and were walking through some alleyways filled with teenagers and vendors selling stinky tofu on sticks.
I cleared a corner and saw him. He was tall, handsome, and best of all… AMERICAN. We talked all evening about Chinese corn flavored popsicles, communism, and how he is NOT related to President Thomas S … we went our separate ways, me with his business card, and him only with my name. I spent the remainder of my time in China smiling and recalling the encounter- and came home to a Facebook message from him. We proceeded to Skype for hours at a time about once a week, making lis…