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Renovate. Revamp. Redesign.

So I have developed a new addiction, and it is called interior decorating. This china set is my most prized possession. It serves the dual purposes of dishes and decoration. With the new semester came the opportunity to move into a new bedroom, redecorate the bathroom and make my bedroom a sanctuary, so I did just that. Much love to all those who make me laugh and who encourage me to move forward. Also a special thanks to all those who helped me discover my own tastes and preferences. I feel like the following pictures display a life that is "very Katy."

These are the plates I stole from my mother's closet. They now hang above my kitchen sink.

This is a frame that I painted, filled and hung in my bathroom. The art is most definitely copied off the internet. Sorry Mr. Artist Man.

This is my bathroom. It is the home of the very best bubble baths.
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