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Sometimes love comes around, and it knocks you down

Something incredible occurred to me today. It all started out when the stupid cable guy neglected to re-wire my parents' entertainment set, leaving a thick black wire running from the hall closet to the family room. My mom was really excited to show me something this morning and when she came running in to display her newest gadget her back foot caught on the cable. She took a nasty fall, landed directly on her elbow, and the blunt force sent her into waves of nausea from all the trauma. She was in lots-o-pain and I immediately went into diagnostic mode…(Can you wiggle your fingers? Yes. Can you lift and bend your arm? Yes. Can you rotate your hand from the supinate to pronate positions? No. Radius must be broken. Not compound… just a hairline fracture maybe….)
After deciding she wasn’t going to go into shock, I ran and grabbed my dad. He was in his truck out front, stopped what he was doing, and ran inside. He went into action to protect and tend to his wife. He lovingly wrapped …