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Spring has brought me such a nice surprise!

So, as you all may very well know... Utah has had the absolute most depressing weather during Spring months. And if you ask me, it had no business dishing out such miserable conditions. I would normally decide to be angry and hold a grudge, but after a day like today, its hard to be mad at all. Basically I've had an ideal week. I *hopefully* coordinated my last Ward Home Evening on Monday. It was a huge success. I separated the kiddos into 3 groups and had them make newspaper floats for a mini FHE parade. The winners received cinnamon rolls... and the losers got homemade oreos and rock-hard snicker doodles.
Exibit A: The treats
This group decided to duplicate prom night... which always ends with your date kneeling down, and proposing?
Its Tony Stark... in his infamous IronMan suit, with flames bursting out of his backside.
My first guess: Trojan Horse. (In all actuality, they were aiming for a Swan... almost?)
I have an insane gauntlet of classes this Spring and spend 10 hours in clas…