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Celebrate Good Times.

Now that we are safely into the month of February, the birthday wishes have finally died down. While I am so very grateful for the love expressed in all the Birthday wishes- it made me feel like a high maintenance weenie, to put it simply.
Birthdays are special things. You get presents. Everyone is inexplicably kind. The sun shines a bit brighter. Your step has an extra bounce in it. You are at one with the universe. There is also the unique opportunity to reflect on the year. 21 was a fun, albeit rough, age for me. This next year I think I am going to take time for the little things I love. For example:
I love bubble baths. As much as any toddler. I love Crest White Strips. My friend Taylor keeps telling me they won't make a difference on my teeth, but for some reason I smile more on days that I've worn them. So I continue on with my habit. Maybe its because I never got to wear braces or retainers, so for 20 minutes a day I get to pretend like I am an awkward preteen.I love w…