Celebrate Good Times.

Now that we are safely into the month of February, the birthday wishes have finally died down. While I am so very grateful for the love expressed in all the Birthday wishes- it made me feel like a high maintenance weenie, to put it simply.
Birthdays are special things. You get presents. Everyone is inexplicably kind. The sun shines a bit brighter. Your step has an extra bounce in it. You are at one with the universe. There is also the unique opportunity to reflect on the year. 21 was a fun, albeit rough, age for me. This next year I think I am going to take time for the little things I love. For example:
  • I love bubble baths. As much as any toddler.
  • I love Crest White Strips. My friend Taylor keeps telling me they won't make a difference on my teeth, but for some reason I smile more on days that I've worn them. So I continue on with my habit. Maybe its because I never got to wear braces or retainers, so for 20 minutes a day I get to pretend like I am an awkward preteen.
  • I love walking to campus with my headphones in. I know its antisocial and rude to my fellow pedestrians, but you know what? I've gone 5 months without doing it, and NOBODY ever stopped to talk to me. So I'm going to keep on doing it. Deal with it.
  • I love my pajamas. After every shower I get into my favorite pj pants and a tee shirt... no exceptions. (Even when I am running late, knowing that it would be more efficient to change into normal people clothes.)
  • I love aprons. For my birthday my mom promised me a budget at Anthropology. You better believe that I went straight to their kitchenware section. I decided I am now a collector of fine aprons.
  • I love my best friends. Sitting in the car and discussing anything and everything. Late night phone calls to those who don't live nearby. Emails. Stalking their blogs. Praying for them. Laughing during lecture about an obscure memory.
  • I love fancy dishes. I received a generous gift from Tay and Meags this year. They sent me a lovely set of bowls and plates from Anthro. You guys... they are BEAUTIFUL. Instead of wishing me a happy birthday, the note that accompanied the gift simply directed me to make dinner for someone. They know me pretty well. I prepared a feast and took a picture. This is for you girls
  • I love my parents. I wouldn't exist in this world if it weren't for you. Quite literally...kinda weird, but true. Opportunity and potential knock at my door because of all you have provided. I love you Mommy. I love you Dad.

Alright. That's all for now. THANKS FOR FOLLOWING.


  1. Happy Valentines Day Katy Lady. Your musings on lifes joys have such a sweet mixture of reality, humor and love. I totally get Crest White Strips and I would add french manicured toes! I don't care how cold it is outside, I'm gonna wear my flip flops. Dinner looked beautiful and delicious...I can almost smell it now... Hope "someone" enjoyed it too!
    I love you

  2. Katy- you and I both. I love bubble baths as much as a toddler too. My first thought was, "hey we should do this together sometime." But then I realize that would be strange. Real strange.

  3. such a fun blog! i love the costumes!

  4. wanna know what i LOVE?!.. YOU!! miss you to much!! this made me smile!! your the best!!


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