Packing my bags...

So the time has finally arrived that this whole China adventure, actually feels real. I woke up this morning and thought to myself, "I'm getting on an airplane bound for Beijing... tomorrow." Several things I need to do before I get on that flight:
  1. Finish packing. Is it weird that I feel a lot of anxiety as to how to dress? I mean... I kind of understand American fashion, but what of the Asians? I don't think they are going to like my wardrobe.
  2. Study up on some Chinese Geography. Up until five minutes ago I didn't know where Beijing was on a map. Now I do. And so do you.
  3. Learn some phrases.
  • Please= Qǐng.
  • Thank you= Xièxiè.
  • Where is the bathroom?= Wèishēngjiān zài nǎlǐ?
  • That sea urchin was delicious!= Zhè hǎidǎn hào chī!
I'm pretty much all set! For those of you who aspired to 'dig to china' when you were a kid... I challenge you to do so, and join me on this little adventure.

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  1. Hey this is Sarah. I had a couple of questions about Beijing...I'm going there for Christmas with my daughter. What sites do you suggest we go to? What cool little food places did you like the best there? What would you suggest to avoid while there food wise and just anything really? Thanks Sarah!


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