We're all in this together...

You know, its shocking how personal wins and losses feel for a fan. I am glad we made it to the Sweet 16, but find myself to be in an emotional funk without any clue as to how to cope with my disappointment of not progressing to the Elite 8. Who do I think I am kidding? Why do I feel entitled to the win? Do I work out endlessly on the court with the boys in jerseys? Is my name or face going to be attached to errors during the game? Have I gone to more than 2 games this season?
These are all rhetorical questions of course.
I'll move on.

The sun is teasing us here in Provo. Threatening to come out and warm us with it's effulgent rays, then it hides again. In the space of several hours you can be sweating in your car and then walking up a hill in snow. Leave it to Poo-tah.
I'm also SO done with school. Not literally, or figuratively even... just mentally. After all these years of education I think my brain is finally filled to capacity. No more room, sorry finals.


  1. I thought about getting my master's today. Then I was like, but if I don't, I never have to write a paper ever again. I'm so excited for you to be almost done!

  2. I LOVE how this pic turned out! Man, Annie and I should always pose you when you are getting pics done.

  3. That last pic is so cute!!!! Super excited for you to be finished with school!


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