Method to the madness

Its been ages, but I feel like I have a legitimate list of excuses as to why I've waited so long to post. To put it simply: I've been swamped. With lots of trial and error I've fallen into a groove that I can roll with. School. Church. Gym. Family. Social. Me time. (Unfortunately I cannot say- 'not in this particular order'... because I think this is pretty close to the truth) A little anecdote to prove my point? Okay.
So my father loves my mother VERY much. As they came closer and closer to becoming empty-nesters, Bob made sure each child understood that flying the coop was a permanent maneuver.
  • No more than one phone call to mommy a week.
  • Think independently.
  • Solve your own problems.
I followed this outline the best I could. However, with recent demands on my time the phone calls to my mother have been increasingly difficult to make. I got out of a fireside last night and saw a voice mail from my mom. My only thoughts- "busted." I listen to the voice mail and it is none other than Robert Merrill Worsley. He was exasperated that I hadn't been keeping them updated over the past several months.
I'm still recovering from the shock.

Just a couple things I thought I'd update the blog with:

The quilt. Its massive, guys, seriously 90" x 90". Its going to be the best picnic blanket of all time.

New specs. Between sitting on the bench looking through a microscope for several hours a day, staring at a computer screen for the remaining hours of the day, weekly exams, stress, and sleep deprivation- my eyes have been wigging out. Literally twitching. A lot.

Graduation. Purchasing the cap and gown proved to be a surreal experience; they are hanging in my room as a temporary medley to stave off my severe case of super-senioritis.
Thats all for now. THANKS FOR FOLLOWING!


  1. You are graduating?!!! When did that happen?!
    Katy you rock, plain and simple. And I am not in the least surprised that our future President is swamped. (Remember the past my dear an you will remember what I am referring to, if not I am a dork and just ask me).

  2. an outline of my thoughts:
    -exasperated is one of our vocab words this week. thanks for using.
    -LOVED the quilt. can we be sewing buddies soon? my machine feels highly neglected and i need to make some pillows.
    -your specs are fabulous and i meant to tell you the other night.

    keep up the blogging girl

  3. you are graduating!! YAY! You are amazing and I love you and I simply wish we lived closer. Good luck with the final stretch!

  4. Ha! Your dad is so awesome. I can't believe you are graduating. Wait, I totally can believe that. I am way excited for you!

  5. Love the quilt, you are amazing! and I can't believe you are graduating, so exciting! Maybe I should stop the weekly ( or more) phone calls to my mother. . . but it's probably not going to happen.

  6. Dad sounds like a monster. His intentions are good but it sure does sound bad. I literally could not be more proud of you Katy lady. I love you my little "Molly Mormon" smarty pants sister. Now go in the kitchen and make me a pie!! (have you ever heard Kristen say this to her Mom? She adds a few explicatives, which make it much funnier.)

  7. Katy, I hate to break it to you but you are the only child that keeps the phone calls to once a week! And I am so excited for you to graduate too!!!! Because you can call me more! That's the only reason...OK..bye bye now.

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE THE BLANKET! We should sew together sometime...yes? PS congrats on the up coming graduation!


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