Kostumes by Katy

I love Halloween. Can we discuss that for a minute?
I love the fall leaves. The crisp chill in the air. The smells. The orange hues. Chili and cornbread. Using every ounce of creativity to pull together costumes. Hot chocolate. Pumpkin bread/cookies/lanterns. Studying until late at the Library. Dressing up and laughing hard. Having Christmas music sneak its way into my playlists...needless to say, I just LOVE IT SO MUCH.
So far I have been deeply involved in creating several different costumes.

Kathleen Campbell Nimmo and I decided we were going to be influential women in history. Kath chose to be Cleopatra.. comin atcha.

And I am being the ever so popular, Amelia Earhart. I've got a leather jacket, riding boots, dogtags, and an aviator cap that pretty much seal the deal for my impersonation of one of my favorite women in History. Too bad she disappeared.
Annie Christine decided she wanted to be Little Red. (Ridding Hood) So we went down to Joann's and purchased a few yards of a synthetic crushed red velvet, and I made her a cape.

Santa Clause is allegedly coming to our ward party, in a stolen grocery cart, lead by a team of prancing reindeer, and an elf. I have been comissioned as the costume/wardrobe designer. We've completed the Santa Suit as well as the white felt bellies for Prancer, Dancer, Comet, Cupid, and Rudolph. Details for the elf are yet to be determined. Red/white striped tights may be in order...
Thats all for now. Pictures of my creations are soon to come.
As always, thanks for following!


  1. haha i love it! You better post pictures when they're done...I'm dying to see the final products! ps how's your life?! I miss you!

  2. ahhhh i can't wait to see pictures!!!...

  3. I wish I possessed the skills to make a Halloween costume like you. Hector and I have decided that we will bypass buying Halloween costumes and just go out to dinner because finding costumes is just frustrating.

  4. haha Katy I can't wait for your party!!!! I love everything you said about Halloween/Fall. Halloween stresses me out because I can NEVER think of a costume!! This year I am being a witch because I've never been one and I think every girl needs to be one at least once! Also, I've already played Christmas music a few times :) Love yea


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