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A casual bike ride up the Provo canyon trail lead me to a majestic sight I had not anticipated. There I was huffing and puffing my way up the gradual incline expecting only to be rewarded by the beautiful view I was receiving along the way. Wrong. I was pedaling my little heart out and stumbled across the base of the infamous bridal veil falls. It was breathtaking, and made my efforts against gravity on my single gear beach cruiser beyond worthwhile.
I now bike up there regularly throughout the week.

The next image depicts a few other secret reservoirs of "happy" for me. I've been working on a friend's bridesmaid dress for her brother's wedding and halfway through the project I had to smile. A fundamental principal of physics was manifesting itself on my pin-cushion. (Which coincidentally is not a cushion at all, rather a piece of magnetized metal). I was witnessing the repulsive nature of similarly charged substances, along with the conducting nature of metal.
So the moral of the story is: I am huge fat nerd who loves to sew.

I've already rambled too much for one blog, but I must post these last few pictures just based upon the fact that these beauties need to be seen. I felt a stroke of Christi surge through my veins and planted bulbs when the snow melted away, and now am enjoying the fruits of my labors. Here are my babies...


  1. YOU, katy michelle worsley, are lovely. i love your never-ending knowledge on everything that i would never understand and i love the beauty you planted outside of our humble abode. i love you forever.

    -cheese (or am i beef? i can never remember but i think i'm cheese because i love cheese more than beef but then that makes me think you're the cheese? ya know?)

  2. Kathleen is weird. and so are you. but I love you guys anyway.
    And you are super talented despite your bazaar obsession with all things science.


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