A Woman Obsessed.

So I have the tendency to work until I finish a project, even if it means I lose out on things like eating and sleeping. I just get too excited? I thank my hardworking/overactive parents for this character trait. Here is the finished product. I am sitting on it as we speak and anxiously await a restful night's sleep within its loving arms of beauty and comfort.
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Pillow #1

Pillow #2

The final product


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE it Katy! Talented woman. You will be helping me someday with my house. Love you.

  2. Great job Katy... How was your first (partial) night sleeping in your new bedding?!

  3. wow that is amazing! GOOOD JOB!!

  4. Shut it! Katy- you never cease to impress me with all your talents. Nice work! I love that I just found your blog. I love you. Me and you lunch soon please!?


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