Butcher, Tailor, or Candlestick Maker?

I have now used the skills I acquired in my sewing class last semester to alter clothing. Two projects come to mind. 1)When my little sister Annie came to Utah we made an obligatory pit stop at the Gateway, and by association, Anthropology. I found a beautiful skirt with a black lace overlay- with the black silk lining ending with a 6 inch long border of petite pleats. This description is obviously not doing this baby justice. It was originally priced at $278.00 without taxes. It was on SALE for $19.99, but unfortunately was 4 sizes too big. I took it home and brought in the side seams in the hip area... and now it is one of my most prized possessions.2) My friend Jeffrey Nuckols spends a lot of time working in the temple, and upon discovering my skill he asked me to alter his white pants. I was hesitant at first... Am I allowed to do that?? But when I found that he was duct taping the hems (which were a good 4-5 inches too long for him) I knew it was my obligation to fix the pants. So I trimmed the excess, did a clean finish on the inner edge, and slip stitched the pants into the appropriate length.
Thats all for now. Thanks for following!


  1. I LOVE anthropologie. But I think Your stuff is > Anthro's.

  2. The skirt is amazing! I looove it!I'm so impressed with your skills... hope everything is going good!

  3. How fun Katy you cute girl! How are you?

  4. ya ya ya you are skilled. I thought I requested more posts/updates. That would be nice. gracias

  5. That is so funny. I do something similar with my temple pants too cause I forgot to have my Mom hem them before coming to Utah. Haha


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