Ellie's Belly

With much trepidation and excitement I sent off my first commissioned article of clothing to my sister's baby, Ellie. Each part of the familiar process was new an exciting as I tried to make the piece unique, and most importantly, mine. I had no idea how scary it was to express your tastes and preferences. I tell you, it becomes a whole new ball game when you know someone is expecting something good, from your hands. So, without further adieu I present... Princess Ellie.


  1. SO CUTE! Congratulations Katy. You are big time now. XOXO

  2. Wait. So you made this. This is amazing!


  3. Nope. Intermediate never happened for me. I probably should, then I could handle knits a bit better! ha.... Its all because of you Adrienne. You carried me through sewing 101. Literally. THANKS A MILLION


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